Friday, April 15, 2011

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Jack Wilson, newspaper reporter

A couple of weeks ago fuel prices started raising up, is what happening in Libya is the reason? I’m Jack Wilson a British reporter and a writer in the daily sun news paper. Today, in the US a barrel of oil costs around 95$, oil has not been that high in the last 4 years, but since that the country is in an unstable stats, oil companies are suspended from producing any oil in Libya, and some companies already started evacuating workers (Khan), a quick action to the issue will help the a lot of countries, and  will bring the price down, there is only one action that can be done to fix this, which is fixing the situation in Libya, and that means AL-Qaddafi stepping down from the throne. An intervention had been already made when France bombed Al-Qaddafi’s forces, so what are their intentions ? are they helping the Libyan civilians ? or do they got something else in mind? If the NATO have continued with intervention, what are they going to do after they take off Al-Qaddafi, they can’t just go to war on a country take their leader off and leave, that will lead to a big mess in Libya, also, If they stayed there, how long are they going to stay?, will they be in peace with civilians or not? A lot of unanswered questions, but according to the history of war, war never ends in peace, a big live example what happen in Iraq and Afghanistan. In my personal opinion I think Libyan shouldn’t ask for help from other countries, because it may lead to worse issue. You can make war from peace, but not peace from war.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shammam, a civilian

My story begins in the capital of Libya, which is Tripoli.  The capital city is located near the Mediterranean Sea in Northwestern Libya.  My name is Shammam, I am currently 17 years old and have lived in Libya for my whole lifetime.  My parents have grown up their whole life with Muammar el-Qaddafi as the leader of the country their whole life.  So when the rebels and foreign military’s have got involved they have stuck loyal to the Qaddafi regime.  Every night at dinner, they have the radio on listening to the news updates, with what is going on.  Since Gaddafi has control on the broadcast airways, we only hear what he wants us too.  I believe he has brainwashed them into believing his way is the only way.  This is why it is hard for me to go against them.  A part of me wants to continue the uprising and fight for the rebels, but I know how much my parents would look down on me and probably disown me.  But seeing some of my friends learning how to shoot and fight for the rebels, I want to follow their lead.  Every time I see them they are constantly urging me to change my mind and fight with them.  They say how much better our lives will be once they defeat the Gaddafi regime and him.  But on the other hand not only do I not want to let my parents down; I hear all the good things that Gaddafi has done for our country over the years.  They say “Gaddafi has kept peace in the country for years, built the military up, and negotiated with Superpower countries to but oil from the country.” (Mcleod) I wonder what he has done for me over the last few years.  I have seen killings of innocent people and promises that haven’t gone through.  I just hope over the next few months I didn’t make the wrong decision in believing my parents and not going with gut feeling.

Faith, stay at home mom

In Libya, not only is the conflict a concern, but with the countries abundance of oil refineries and wells, the fighting raises another concern, gas prices.  My name is Faith and am a stay at home mom.  Currently in Canada the price per Liter is $1.20.  So per gallon it is roughly $5 dollars in the United States of America.(Hanstke)  I being a mom of three in Toronto, Canada, this conflict has really taken a toll on our family.  My husband has a decent paying job and we have just enough money a month to pay the bills and have a little extra money to do something with our kids.  Since their father works 60 hours a week I am stuck taking the kids everywhere they need to go.  Each of our sons have been playing hockey since they were little.  Sidney who is 10 now plays Center, Pierre is 8 and plays defensemen, and our youngest Craig, is 4 and just learned how to skate.  Every night I am taking the kids to practice, while my husband is at work.  We have two cars which helps, get the kids where they need to be.  However with the rise in gas prices we have had to spend our left over money on gas.  While I want the rebels to have the civil rights they are fighting for, I am scared that we might not be able to afford our kids to play hockey if gas prices keep rising.  I am glued to the television every night looking what the price of a barrel of oil costs and to see when this fighting will stop.  Never did I imagine that a little country in the Northern tip of Africa would have as big of an impact on my family.  I would be devastated if my sons would not be able to continue to play the sport that they love.

Robert Morrison, vice president

As being the vice president in the United States many people look to me just as being a puppet of the president.  They just see me tag along with him on visits around the country as well as the globe.  Many of times I will hear people say who is this guy named Robert Morrison?  I do not take it offensive but, I wonder if they know that if the president would unfortunately die, then under constitutional law I would serve out his remaining term.  However when I am not traveling with him, I have other duties that I have to perform in order to keep my position.  My job description, as said in the constitution, is to be the head of congress.  If a deciding vote needs to be placed then it is my job to cast the final and deciding vote.  But over time my job criteria has changed.  In recent years since the president cannot attend every foreign obligation, many of times it is my job to make speeches and meet with leaders of other countries.  In saying that, with the recent uprisings in the Middle East and focusing mostly on the Conflict in Libya, I am fearful not to make the wrong decision.  With the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, the previous administration caught a lot of grief over spreading democracy, without the consent of the people in the country.  Americans are viewed by many as, a country that wants to get their hands involved in everything.  So with this new conflict, I do not want the current administration to be viewed the same as the previous.(Ditz)  However the Rebels of Libya have urged countries like the United States and other European powers to be more involved in the war.  They are calling for more airstrikes as well as missile attacks.  While we want these rebels to overthrow a dictator style of government, I do not want to get our troops involved in another long and drawn out fight. (Shreck) The American people do not want to see another ten year conflict that has a lot of work to be done.

Chang, working in Libya for 4 years.

Since the rebels have begun the fight my life has changed in so many different ways.  Living in the rebel strong hold of Benghazi, the violence has made me fearful of my life.  My name is Chang and I have been working in Libya for around 4 years now.    I am working for the country of China that has citizens in Libya working with the United Nations.  My mission is to bring peace efforts and collaborate with the government of Libya.  Before the fighting began I felt pretty safe in the country but now I can get hit with a missile of gunfire at anytime.  In saying that the perspective of the fighting confuses me and don’t know what side is right.  Since I am not a citizen of the country, I see where both sides are coming from.  The rebels who have lived under what seems like oppression to them has took a tool on them.  They want to be able to have more civil rights and want a change in leadership.   From me working with the United Nations I have had the privilege of working with Qaddafi and he to me comes off as a good person who has the ability to talk well with other people.  The citizens have believed in him for almost 50 years but now their opinions have changed.  They want to see more of the financial status that the government is making of their oil wealth.  Now that the fighting has gotten worse over the last couple of weeks, my boss in China has called for my colleagues and I to be removed from the country.( Xinhua) I was happy with the time I spent in Libya and hope that in the future I can go back to the country that is at peace again.

John Cooper, executive of Shell

I’m John Cooper, an executive of the Shell company, I’m glad that the NATO made the decision for an international intervention in the Libya civil war. Libya, although a small country, is one of the largest petroleum exportants in Africa. Its economy greatly depends on oil sector. Vice versa, the global economic also easily influenced by the gas supply. Shell has several investment in Libya for their oil industry. When al-Qadhafi attacked the rebels troop in the early March 2011, they not only killed innocents, many infrastructures had been destroyed in the bombing and firing. For instance, an eastern oil town in Zawiya was destroyed in the firing of al-Qadhafi forces. Other than that, an air attack on the rebels also threatening the safety of Ras Lanuf, a coastal city’s oil refinery sector. As a result, the civil war in Libya is a heart attack to the Shell company. We worries about when will they destroy our investment every day. Therefore, I wish the international intervention will stop the war as soon as possible without leaving any damage to the oil sector, and then we can resume the working in the industry.If the war continues, the whole region will be destabilize. That will result in destroyed oil field, and will subsequently lead to another possible worldly economic crisis.