Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ali Aujali, former Libyan ambassador

Hi I’m Ali Aujali, a former Libyan ambassador, I worked with Al-Qadhafi for more than five years. This is not a sudden broke of civil war, the people of Libya has been living under suppression for too long. Al-Qadhafi has always been worldly known as a dictator. When the rebels finally took action to protest his iron rules on February 2011, loyalties of al-Qadhafi counterattacked the rebels by artilleries, tanks, and even air craft. They bombed unarmed villages and also fired on peaceful protesters. Thousands of innocent civilians were killed and injured. Other than that, Al-Qadhafi also cut off the supplies of water, electric, and gas to the rebels ground, forcing them to surrender. He even openly clarified that he is ready and willing to bloodbath Libya until his status is unquestioned and the rebels surrendered. Therefore, I urged for the must to ouster al-Qadhafi. There is no negotiation and Qadhafi must leave the country, for there is no way for a change with him still around. The rebels in Libya are seeking for an international intervention to stop al-Qadhafi from progressing further into destroying innocent villages and important petrol sources. They do not expect United Nation to send army to help them fighting on ground. They wish for NATO’s help in logistical support and military training.

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