Friday, April 15, 2011

Jack Wilson, newspaper reporter

A couple of weeks ago fuel prices started raising up, is what happening in Libya is the reason? I’m Jack Wilson a British reporter and a writer in the daily sun news paper. Today, in the US a barrel of oil costs around 95$, oil has not been that high in the last 4 years, but since that the country is in an unstable stats, oil companies are suspended from producing any oil in Libya, and some companies already started evacuating workers (Khan), a quick action to the issue will help the a lot of countries, and  will bring the price down, there is only one action that can be done to fix this, which is fixing the situation in Libya, and that means AL-Qaddafi stepping down from the throne. An intervention had been already made when France bombed Al-Qaddafi’s forces, so what are their intentions ? are they helping the Libyan civilians ? or do they got something else in mind? If the NATO have continued with intervention, what are they going to do after they take off Al-Qaddafi, they can’t just go to war on a country take their leader off and leave, that will lead to a big mess in Libya, also, If they stayed there, how long are they going to stay?, will they be in peace with civilians or not? A lot of unanswered questions, but according to the history of war, war never ends in peace, a big live example what happen in Iraq and Afghanistan. In my personal opinion I think Libyan shouldn’t ask for help from other countries, because it may lead to worse issue. You can make war from peace, but not peace from war.

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