Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hassan Jamal, a Libyan civilian

Hi my name is Hassan Jamal, I’m Libyan civilian, I work as a math teacher in an elementary school  in Benghazi, a couple days ago I witnessed a US military jet fighter crashing near to my house, but  thank god that it landed in a big open field. The war didn’t star yet and airplane’s are crashing on our heads, who knows, the war might start tomorrow and will see hundred’s of those Jets and helicopters are hovering above us, and who knows they might be shooting at us at the same time.  As you know Libya is one of the biggest oil producer and cheapest, an oil barrel becomes so cheap in some field as cheap as 1$ per barrel, Libya oil reserves are one of the biggest in Africa and it’s the ninth over the world, some countries from the western society might be targeting the oil reserves that Libya has, Russia has notified that NATO that this might be the case, and some members of NATO are agreeing with Russia. And as you know since Barack Obama promised the American society to fix the mistakes that was done by the former president George W. Bush, one of his promises were to pull out the army from Iraq, if he actually pulled the army from Iraq and then sent it to Libya he’s making the same mistake that had been made before and which might lead the country to a really weak economy, specially that the NATO don’t know what kind of air defense does Libya has, so they don’t what actually they are facing. I don’t agree with a western intervention, because it might harm us more than it could help us.

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