Thursday, April 14, 2011

John Cooper, executive of Shell

I’m John Cooper, an executive of the Shell company, I’m glad that the NATO made the decision for an international intervention in the Libya civil war. Libya, although a small country, is one of the largest petroleum exportants in Africa. Its economy greatly depends on oil sector. Vice versa, the global economic also easily influenced by the gas supply. Shell has several investment in Libya for their oil industry. When al-Qadhafi attacked the rebels troop in the early March 2011, they not only killed innocents, many infrastructures had been destroyed in the bombing and firing. For instance, an eastern oil town in Zawiya was destroyed in the firing of al-Qadhafi forces. Other than that, an air attack on the rebels also threatening the safety of Ras Lanuf, a coastal city’s oil refinery sector. As a result, the civil war in Libya is a heart attack to the Shell company. We worries about when will they destroy our investment every day. Therefore, I wish the international intervention will stop the war as soon as possible without leaving any damage to the oil sector, and then we can resume the working in the industry.If the war continues, the whole region will be destabilize. That will result in destroyed oil field, and will subsequently lead to another possible worldly economic crisis.  

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