Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chang, working in Libya for 4 years.

Since the rebels have begun the fight my life has changed in so many different ways.  Living in the rebel strong hold of Benghazi, the violence has made me fearful of my life.  My name is Chang and I have been working in Libya for around 4 years now.    I am working for the country of China that has citizens in Libya working with the United Nations.  My mission is to bring peace efforts and collaborate with the government of Libya.  Before the fighting began I felt pretty safe in the country but now I can get hit with a missile of gunfire at anytime.  In saying that the perspective of the fighting confuses me and don’t know what side is right.  Since I am not a citizen of the country, I see where both sides are coming from.  The rebels who have lived under what seems like oppression to them has took a tool on them.  They want to be able to have more civil rights and want a change in leadership.   From me working with the United Nations I have had the privilege of working with Qaddafi and he to me comes off as a good person who has the ability to talk well with other people.  The citizens have believed in him for almost 50 years but now their opinions have changed.  They want to see more of the financial status that the government is making of their oil wealth.  Now that the fighting has gotten worse over the last couple of weeks, my boss in China has called for my colleagues and I to be removed from the country.( Xinhua) I was happy with the time I spent in Libya and hope that in the future I can go back to the country that is at peace again.

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