Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robert Morrison, vice president

As being the vice president in the United States many people look to me just as being a puppet of the president.  They just see me tag along with him on visits around the country as well as the globe.  Many of times I will hear people say who is this guy named Robert Morrison?  I do not take it offensive but, I wonder if they know that if the president would unfortunately die, then under constitutional law I would serve out his remaining term.  However when I am not traveling with him, I have other duties that I have to perform in order to keep my position.  My job description, as said in the constitution, is to be the head of congress.  If a deciding vote needs to be placed then it is my job to cast the final and deciding vote.  But over time my job criteria has changed.  In recent years since the president cannot attend every foreign obligation, many of times it is my job to make speeches and meet with leaders of other countries.  In saying that, with the recent uprisings in the Middle East and focusing mostly on the Conflict in Libya, I am fearful not to make the wrong decision.  With the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, the previous administration caught a lot of grief over spreading democracy, without the consent of the people in the country.  Americans are viewed by many as, a country that wants to get their hands involved in everything.  So with this new conflict, I do not want the current administration to be viewed the same as the previous.(Ditz)  However the Rebels of Libya have urged countries like the United States and other European powers to be more involved in the war.  They are calling for more airstrikes as well as missile attacks.  While we want these rebels to overthrow a dictator style of government, I do not want to get our troops involved in another long and drawn out fight. (Shreck) The American people do not want to see another ten year conflict that has a lot of work to be done.

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