Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amy Wilson, officer of NATO

My name is Amy Wilson, and I’m an officer of the NATO ,many members of the NATO were furious on the cruelty of al-Qadhafi. It is ridiculous that he does not care about human life but his own power. Therefore, I will definitely say yes for the NATO to intervene in this war. I will say the same like Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of the United States, nothing is off the table as long as the Libyan Government continues to threaten and kills Libyans. The dictatorship of al-Qadhafi has definitely raised the concerns of the United Nations on the humanitarian in Libya. After all, the aim of forming the United Nation Security Council was to maintain international peace and security. Amy Wilson recalled that rebels from Libya who found that they are losing their war with Al-Qadhafi and others abroad Libyan had seek for an international helping hand to rescue them from an upcoming humanitarian crisis on March 9, 2011. The rebel leader, Mustafa Abdul Jalil pleaded for help from the nation again on March 14, 2011. Consequently, it is time for the NATO to answer their call, to react, and to protect the people. President Obama quoted that the aim of building an international community will seemed hollow if we ignore the helps from innocent Libyan. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, also said that “If Colonel Qadhafi uses military force against his own people, the world cannot stand by.” Brookings Institute’s “Libya’s Test of the New International Order” analyzed that civil war in Libya has also become a war for world government. It is a test for the international community. If the NATO failed, the goals of establishing international order and importance of international law will seem meaningless.

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