Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ahmed Aljabber, a Libyan civilian

Hi I’m Ahmed Aljabber a resigned secretary who used to work in the ministry of defense, and  a Libyan civilian who revolt against Col. Qaddafi .I think that if other countries decided to make an intervention to stop Qaddafi’s army, it could the beginning of a war on Libya, which might stop Qaddafi, but it also gonna effect Libyan people and hundreds of thousands are going to die, and the Libyan people don’t want that to happen, because if it does it’s just another crisis beside Qaddafi’s, maybe an Arab country intervention might help more than a western country, specially that Libya is an important source of oil, and that might lead to scenario similar to Iraqi scenario. A couple of weeks ago a meeting held place in Europe to decide whether an action is going to be taken against Qaddafi’s forces or not, a couple of hours after the meeting France started sending air crafts to air strike to hit loyal forces for Muammar Qaddafi. When other countries start sending air crafts to air strike a country's leader forces; even if the people are revolting against him; that is the beginning of a war and Libyan people will be massacre from both sides; the government(Qaddafi) and countries who may intervene  . I ask myself why do  all these western countries pretend trying to help us( the Libyan people), but they never said anything about what happened in the Kingdom of Bahrain, or is it actually they want something else than helping the people, especially since  Libya is one of the biggest oil producers in this modern day world (Chossudovsky).

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