Thursday, April 14, 2011

Faith, stay at home mom

In Libya, not only is the conflict a concern, but with the countries abundance of oil refineries and wells, the fighting raises another concern, gas prices.  My name is Faith and am a stay at home mom.  Currently in Canada the price per Liter is $1.20.  So per gallon it is roughly $5 dollars in the United States of America.(Hanstke)  I being a mom of three in Toronto, Canada, this conflict has really taken a toll on our family.  My husband has a decent paying job and we have just enough money a month to pay the bills and have a little extra money to do something with our kids.  Since their father works 60 hours a week I am stuck taking the kids everywhere they need to go.  Each of our sons have been playing hockey since they were little.  Sidney who is 10 now plays Center, Pierre is 8 and plays defensemen, and our youngest Craig, is 4 and just learned how to skate.  Every night I am taking the kids to practice, while my husband is at work.  We have two cars which helps, get the kids where they need to be.  However with the rise in gas prices we have had to spend our left over money on gas.  While I want the rebels to have the civil rights they are fighting for, I am scared that we might not be able to afford our kids to play hockey if gas prices keep rising.  I am glued to the television every night looking what the price of a barrel of oil costs and to see when this fighting will stop.  Never did I imagine that a little country in the Northern tip of Africa would have as big of an impact on my family.  I would be devastated if my sons would not be able to continue to play the sport that they love.

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